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Let’s take the money

Hollywood is leaving

on the table


Films by women make more money but Hollywood isn’t making them

  • Women-driven films have historically financially outperformed male-directed films

  • In research conducted by Nash Information Services using its proprietary data on the film industry, “the-Numbers,” and other independent reports on the film industry, women-directed, produced, and/or written films generated materially higher ROI’s than other films developed over the same time period.

  • Women currently purchase 52% of all movie tickets

  • In spite of this, a mere 5% of top studio films are directed by women


Studio move to Mega-Tentpole films create lucrative
market gap for lower-budget independent films

  • Global technological, and audience-behavior shifts over the past decade mean that $500K to $15M budget-level films are more lucrative than ever before

  • Hollywood’s focus on a limited number of tentpole films that seek to appeal to the widest possible audience has left an opening in the marketplace for small budget films with a more targeted audience

  • At the same time, there have been significant shifts in how films are consumed, with platforms such as Netflix, Apple, airlines and other distribution channels creating significant demand and a multiplicity of revenue streams for smaller budget films

  • The Fund will finance films that speak to these current economic trends in the entertainment industry