The 51 Fund

Films by women make more money, but Hollywood isn't making them.

Films by women make more money,

but hollywood isn’t making them.


Women have the stories.
Women have the talent.

The 51 Fund is on a mission to give women an equal voice in the entertainment industry. We are a private equity fund financing narrative feature films of any genre that are written, directed, and/or produced by women. Our goal is to provide favorable financial and social returns to investors, while partnering with today’s most exciting female creators and filmmakers.


A Quick Overview of The 51 Fund

From drama to horror to comedy, we aim to give fearless female filmmakers an opportunity and a voice in entertainment. To that end, the fund seeks to invest in a diversified slate of 12-15 films by female filmmakers. Key components of our investment strategy include:

  • $51 million targeted fund size, reflecting that 51% of the world’s population is female

  • Diversification across film genres (i.e. comedy, family, horror, thriller, drama, science fiction, romantic comedy, etc.)

  • Targeted film budgets will range from $500K to $15M

  • Structure film investments to capitalize on federal, state and local tax incentives

Great Stories Generate Great Returns

At The 51 Fund, we will use our decades of industry experience to help great stories generate attractive returns for investors by focusing on value creation and risk management, as outlined across multiple axes:

  • Access to pipeline of untapped talent
  • Innovative prints & advertising strategy
  • Managing market shifts
  • Value added approach
  • Data-driven financial modeling
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Tax incentives (federal, state, and local)

How We Choose Our Projects

We evaluate all potential projects for artistic excellence and commercial viability in genre (i.e. action, comedy, horror, and drama), cast, budget, team, and script.

All investment decisions will be made through a rigorous, three-stage vetting, market assessment, and due diligence process: Preliminary Screening, Staff Review, Greenlight Committee Review.